How Does Fiber Optics Work?

If you’re new to what fiber optics can do, this is a good place to start. Find out how this revolutionary way to transmit data works, how you use it today, and how our future will be changed because of it. Fiber optics is a system of extremely thick glass strands that...

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How Fast Is a Fiber Optics Network over Copper Cables?

The question we get asked all the time is about the speed of fiber optics systems. “How fast are these fiber optics cables anyways?” To answer that question, I could give you the short answer – very, very fast – or the longer answer. Let’s look at how fiber optics...

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Can My Fiber Optic Cable Be Wiretapped?

In the short answer, yes it can. Your fiber optic cable is a highly sensitive piece of equipment that transmits light through the wire instead of electricity. Normal electric cables can be tapped quite easily with the modern systems available to just about anybody...

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2 Important Facts about Fiber Optic Communications

When searching for a fiber optic contractor, a lot of people don’t ask a very key question: What makes fiber optics better than regular cable? As any fiber optic contractor can tell you, fiber optics is one of the newest methods of data communication. It’s so much...

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Welcome to our new website

Thank you for visiting our new website! We are just getting started with blogs. We will be blogging about fiber optic trends here in Las Vegas. We want to be your number 1 source for Fiber Optics in the Las Vegas Valley.

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