This new technology might leave you a bit tangled when you think about it, but fiber-optic cabling isn’t so hard to understand. It’s also going to become the newest way we all connect to each other and the rest of the world. Come find out how this dramatic new cabling system works, and when you should consider getting fiber-optic installations for your business and home networks.

How do Fiber-Optics Work?

Fiber-optics is a cabling system that transmits light instead of electricity. While electricity travels pretty fast through wire, light travels 590 billion times faster. Electric signals have resistance to struggle against while the speed of light is near enough to constant that there is no noticeable lag in times.

What that means for your fiber-optics network is speed of transmission. Your data, converted into light signals, travels enormously fast without risk of loss of signal or quality.

Why Doesn’t Everybody Use It?

The problem with fiber optics at this present date is the price. It’s an expensive system to run over long distances. It’s best to consider fiber-optics installation when going between floors or across the office space.

It’s also a highly advanced system that requires a professional technician to install the entire system. The fiber optics installation requires single or multi-output cables, a transmitter that sends the signals of light, repeaters to boost the signal if needed over longer distances, and a receiver that translates the data back into a readable electrical signal.

Over time, that price will drop and the components will become part of the landscape in every office building. Until then, when do you consider using fiber-optics for your installations?

Advantages of Fiber Optics

This system does have some major advantages, and we highly recommend switching over to a fiber-optics network if you’re concerned about one of the following:

  • Sending a secure signal that can’t be intercepted or monitored.
  • No interference caused by other devices in proximity of the cabling
  • Higher speed transmissions of large data packets
  • Little quality loss over great distances
  • Safe to handle and work with because of no high voltage equipment

If that sounds like your workplace, or something you would value for your own networks, consider fiber-optics as the solution for your next installation. Give yourself every advantage in this data-centric world, and operate with fiber-optics for a superior speed and system.

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