The question we get asked all the time is about the speed of fiber optics systems.

“How fast are these fiber optics cables anyways?”

To answer that question, I could give you the short answer – very, very fast – or the longer answer. Let’s look at how fiber optics changes the way we send data to each other.

We depend on fiber optics cables all the time. Across the oceans, vast numbers of enormous fiber optic cables are sending large packets of data to and from across the world. We connect through the internet on a daily basis because of the speed and transmission of these cables. It works because we’re not using copper as the basis for our data transmissions: we’re using glass.

Fiber optics cables send pulses of light through bendable, flexible strands of glass. These glass strands transmit the pulses of light, which are detected at each end by receivers. Pulse on for 1, and pulse off for 0, and any computer in the world can understand that binary signal. These pulses happen faster than we can see, but can be detected by the receivers we use.

So, Why Is It So Fast?

Transmitting through copper has its problems. The data is influenced and slowed by the copper as it has to pass the electrons along at a speed of 0.000000315 miles per second. Compare that to how light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second.

Data is not measured in speeds, however, but in throughput, or capacity. If the copper line has the capacity to transmit 3000 phone calls at once, the light of fiber optics can transmit 25,000 per each individual strand. This is because the data in light is a much higher frequency than electric signal, and that higher frequency allows for multiple signals to pass at once.

Copper also degrades the signal so that over long distances, the signal can become entirely distorted and unreadable. Fiber optics signals don’t degrade like that and go farther without losing their quality of data.

IN short, fiber optics travels faster, lasts longer, and carries more data along the way. If you think you could benefit from these sorts of advantages, call us at Las Vegas Fiber Optic. Our certified contractors will help install your fiber optics cable and help you understand how you can benefit from this modern technology. Book a consultation today.

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