When searching for a fiber optic contractor, a lot of people don’t ask a very key question: What makes fiber optics better than regular cable? As any fiber optic contractor can tell you, fiber optics is one of the newest methods of data communication. It’s so much better than the old method (copper wire cabling) that it has almost replaced the antique method of communication in many developed parts of the world.

Fiber optics is an interesting field. There are some important facts you should be aware of, such as:

Fiber Optics are Lightweight

In the past, copper cabling would be sold in rolls and each roll was massive. The larger the area that needed to be served, the more cable was needed. Fiber optics switched this around, offering a lightweight solution that can serve a large amount of people very easily. Because of how light these cables are, contractors can easier work with them to get them installed on a tighter schedule than the older communication solution.

Fiber Optics Provide Better Signaling

In electrical communication media, there is an electrical signal sent to the end of the line. The difference in the intensity of that signal is a virtual method of signaling binary data. Because it’s not a perfect system, these older communication methods can lead to problems in communication either because of hardware faults or because of things like residual charge. Fiber optic technology doesn’t do this, since it’s basically an on or an off switch. Fiber optic transmission uses true binary as opposed to a virtual binary signal, making for more reliable communication.

Why Use Fiber Optics?

Fiber optic communication is a technology that will continue to dominate the industry because of its reliability, flexibility and ease of installation. It doesn’t matter what sort of bandwidth a company requires, fiber optics can handle it without needing to increase the size of the cables significantly. If you’re looking for a professional company to deal with the installation of your fiber optic hardware, check out Las Vegas Fiber Optic for a business dedicated to providing a wide range of communication services based on the fiber optic backbone.

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